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A Trip to Padley Gorge (by Duncan Fawkes)
“I bit my tongue in the ark of conversation. I don’t know why, I don’t know why. I met you once and I’d fallen for your notions. I don’t know why, I don’t know why.”

Angus Stone 
Herbs and meditation will heal the nation #fact
“I closed my mouth and spoke to you in a hundred silent ways.”

Rumi (via mourningmelody)
Practice makes progress

responsibility blows


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“It is quite foolish to hope you will reach your dreams while you are hanging onto people intent on pulling you down.”

Dodinsky (via purplebuddhaproject)


I want to read

your goosebumps

like braille

and touch every 

inch of your skin

to figure out

your story.

I want to know

all of you.

This is movie makes my heart melt & is just mind boggling, every movie with Jared Leto ends up being my favorite. 

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